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Command Bar




Release 2.41

Spicy Updates! 🌢️

πŸ§™πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ Onboarding Enhancements
  • Introducing a
    new Wizard
    feature to effortlessly guide you through Akiflow's essential functionalities. Look for the blinking blue dot at the bottom right of your screen to discover more!
  • We've added a convenient
    sidebar on the integrations settings
    page, making it easier to set up your integrations and access support whenever you need it.
πŸ“Œ Pin & Meet With Enhancements
  • Improved column resizing
    : Akiflow now optimizes space by collapsing other columns only when necessary.
  • For better visibility in crowded spaces,
    event titles are hidden
    when columns are collapsed.
  • Hovering over a column
    to view a colleague's calendar now
    expands all days
    for a comprehensive view.
  • Enjoy a smoother experience with animated avatars while loading calendars.
⚑️ Command Bar Improvements
  • Enhanced priority filtering
    in the Command Bar: Typing
    (for example) now filters for high-priority options only.
  • Remember,
    typing the exact label
    (e.g., !Low) will immediately recognize and apply your desired priority, projects or tags.
  • The abbreviation
    is now consistently recognized as Monday
    , eliminating any confusion with the abbreviation for Month in certain scenarios.
Enhanced Referral Program:
Our referral program just got better! Earn $25 for each friend you refer, with a bonus of $50 for every few referrals. Explore the benefits now: Refer a Friend
πŸŒ™ Rituals Just Became More Organized:
Easily sort and filter all your pages while in the Rituals. This new feature helps you find tasks and plan your day with greater ease.
πŸ“£ Improved RSVP Visibility:
The RSVP button is now more prominent for events you haven't responded to, making sure you don't miss out on replying.
✨ Review Notices Optimization:
We've improved the positioning of review notices at the bottom of Akiflow for a cleaner and more intuitive user experience.
Multi tasks drag-and-drop
: Streamlin task management on the go by selecting multiple tasks and moving them to the calendar.
Widgets Just Got Smarter
: Display the countdown to your next activity and the remaining time for your current activity. New meeting join button added for Zoom, Meet, and Teams, alongside an improved UI on Android devices.
Focus Mode Activation
: Akiflow now automatically hides all notifications when opened, helping you stay focused without distractions.
Effortless Task Categorization
: Easily categorize your tasks during creation by typing
, or
to quickly select your task's project, tags, or priority.
Time Slot Task Selection
: Enhanced functionality to select tasks within specific time slots for better planning and organization.
UI Enhancements
: Numerous UI elements have been refined, including the notices and the
, for a more intuitive experience.
Time Zone Clarity
: Improved naming conventions for time zones
Desktop Parity
: all recurrence options available on the desktop have been implemented, ensuring consistency across platforms.
RSVP Visibility
: The RSVP button is now more prominent for events you haven't replied to, ensuring you don't miss out on responding.
Ongoing Improvements
: Continuous bug fixing and performance enhancements to ensure Akiflow runs smoothly for all users.
πŸ‘† Drag any task from tasklist to calendar
  • Drag tasks from any tasklist in your footer to the calendar easily.
  • If you change your mind, you'll see a "Drag here to cancel" back in the footer
πŸ†• Create anything from the calendar
  • Long press anywhere in the calendar to make this selection appear
Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 08
βš™οΈ Customize what to create on tap
  • Go to Settings > Calendar > Creation in Calendar and pick what to create by default by tapping on the calendar: task, event or a time slot.
πŸ“± What's next on your calendar?
We just released 3 sizes of the first iOS widget!
Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 16
Add the Akiflow widgets to your homepage to easily check your
upcoming tasks, events and time slots planned for Today
  • Click on any item to jump to its popup in the app
  • Quickly start creating a task clicking on the
  • You can add your widgets to your
    desktop as well
βœ… Icon Shortcut to create new tasks
  • Touch and hold the Akiflow app to show the option to jump to
    task creation!
  • We are working on many widgets for iOS. Stay tuned! πŸ”œ





Release 2.41

Mobile Redesign and Sync ImprovementsπŸ“±

πŸ‘† Swipe Behaviours
  • Swipe-right a task to select it
    : this behaviour was introduced to help drag a task to the calendar.
πŸ”„ Sync & Notifications Improvements
  • We deeply improved the
    sync with the desktop app
  • Notifications are now time-sensitive.
πŸ–ΌοΈ Redesign
  • Search Page
    : easily select tabs to filter results: see only tasks or events.
  • Projects and Tags pages
    : now the hidden tasks are shown by clicking on the 3 dots on top of the page.
  • Share Availability
    : removed the buttons to show inactive slots, you can find them in the 3 dots on top of the page.
πŸ’₯ Filters and sorts
  • Added
    filters and sorts in all views
    , as in the desktop app.
⭐️ Other
  • Recurring tasks overdue
    : show only one in today and edit them at once, as on desktop
  • We started adding some micro animations, transitions and
    haptic feedback
  • Improved calendar
    drag and drop performance
  • Show
    time indicator by 15m
    steps when moving an item in calendar
  • System back button
    now works everywhere
Create your team now in Akiflow and
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Easily create a team in Akiflow by:
  1. Access your account
  2. Add a team name
  3. Add your colleagues
Yes, it's THAT easy!
Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 17
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team members to check their schedules
Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 17
Keep track of what they are working on and easily book a meeting with them.
You can
hide your calendar
as well for better visibility.
Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 17
All this is one click away, one click on
button on your Akiflow sidebar. Read more at this link πŸ”—
SO much is coming. Stay tuned πŸ’œ
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§ Improved Meet With
Finding the perfect time to meet with your team has never been easier!
We show a different column for each calendar added to the meet-with, to easily distinguish each person.
Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 17
πŸ—“οΈ Plan & Time Slots
  • Create Time Slot from a Project
    : Drag and drop a project directly from the menu to the calendar to create a new project-specific Time Slot in the calendar.
  • Plan tasks on a Time Slot:
    on the command bar while planning a task to see all the slots with that label.
  • Suggest to plan for a Slot
    : Right-click plan suggestion on a task now includes Time Slots
πŸ–ΌοΈ Menu Bar
  • The
    Tray Menu is now called Menu Bar
    and has a new look :)
  • New option to
    hide the Menu Ba
    r and show the Akiflow icon only in Settings > General.
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