Sometimes I have a recurring task that I want to do every workday, but if I miss one day it does not make sense to do it twice the next day. For example, let’s say I have a task to “turn on the space heater in the back room”. If I neglect to do this task and check it off in Akiflow on Tuesday, it does not make sense for me to do it twice on Wednesday! I have a handful of these types of tasks, and I’ve found that Akiflow’s current behavior can lead to many duplicate tasks “stacking up”. This makes it difficult to sift through the noise and easily see what’s on my todo list when this happens (which tends to be the most hectic of times, already!).
For tasks like these, I’d love to be able to set an option to prevent a given recurring task from stacking up so that if I miss one day, I only see one task the next day!