💻 Akiflow Web version is out! 💥
Many of you asked us to release a
Web version
of Akiflow...now it's live! 🥳
You can access it here 🌐
Currently, the Web version has
some limitations
, most notably, these features will be available only on the desktop version:
  • 🔔
  • ⌨️ Accessing the
    command bar
    from everywhere
  • 📸
    web pages as tasks
  • 💻 Seeing your day at a glance with our
    Tray menu
  • 📧 Connecting your
    Gmail and Trello accounts
In addition,
some shortcuts
won't be available in the Web version, including:
  • 📃 Your custom shortcut to
    Show or Hide
  • 🗓️
    Cmd* T
    Go Back to Today
    while navigating the calendar
  • 🔗 Pressing
    on a selected task will open
    only the first link
    , not all of them
Ctrl for Windows users
Let us know your feedback on it!