Release 2.43

🎉 Major UI/UX Reviews

We have embarked on a major review of the UI/UX and overall performance of our apps. Expect many exciting changes in the future—we're thrilled to share them with you!
What's New?
  • 🎨 Brand Review:
    We're reviewing our brand, focusing on our website, colors, and icons. Stay tuned for updates!
  • 🌑 Dark Mode Colors:
    Take a look at our reviewed dark mode colors! You can turn on dark mode in Settings > General > Appearance.
  • 🖌️ UI/UX Enhancements:
    We've reviewed the UI/UX of many app components, including our chat and overdue tasks sections.
  • ⌨️ Command Bar Upgrade:
    The Command Bar has a new look with improved formatting and information display, including shortcuts.
  • 🔔 Improved Notices:
    We've improved notices around the app—most will now appear at the bottom-center or in the header.
Important Improvements
  • 👥 Invite Guests:
    Anyone can now invite guests while booking a meeting with you via your booking links.
  • ⚙️ Global Shortcuts Management:
    Automatically turn off global shortcuts that could affect other apps. Customize them in Settings > Shortcuts.
  • 📌 Time Slot Pinning:
    When you pin a time slot, we automatically collapse the task list for a cleaner view.
  • 📧 Event Guest Reminders:
    We've removed event guest reminders/emails, keeping only those related to your booking links.
  • 🔃 Sort Updates:
    consistent sorting in all tasklists for newly added items.