We are happy to announce the availability of the mobile app for all our users!
The app is still in beta, but you'll be able to
download it directly
from here ▶▶
Thanks to all the users who helped us test the beta version so far ❤️
For now, the mobile app is intended to be
a companion to the desktop and web versions
of Akiflow, but we are working to make it a standalone solution for managing your task and time.
Check our guide to learn more about the mobile app and how we will improve it in the future 📘
From now on,
stopping to sync the "Akiflow Tasks" calendar
and the all-day events on Google Calendar that you used to check your daily tasks on mobile before this launch. You'll need to delete it from the calendars on Google Calendar.
We encourage all of you to give it a try and provide us with any feedback or suggestions you may have 💪🏻