Multi tasks drag-and-drop
: Streamlin task management on the go by selecting multiple tasks and moving them to the calendar.
Widgets Just Got Smarter
: Display the countdown to your next activity and the remaining time for your current activity. New meeting join button added for Zoom, Meet, and Teams, alongside an improved UI on Android devices.
Focus Mode Activation
: Akiflow now automatically hides all notifications when opened, helping you stay focused without distractions.
Effortless Task Categorization
: Easily categorize your tasks during creation by typing
, or
to quickly select your task's project, tags, or priority.
Time Slot Task Selection
: Enhanced functionality to select tasks within specific time slots for better planning and organization.
UI Enhancements
: Numerous UI elements have been refined, including the notices and the
, for a more intuitive experience.
Time Zone Clarity
: Improved naming conventions for time zones
Desktop Parity
: all recurrence options available on the desktop have been implemented, ensuring consistency across platforms.
RSVP Visibility
: The RSVP button is now more prominent for events you haven't replied to, ensuring you don't miss out on responding.
Ongoing Improvements
: Continuous bug fixing and performance enhancements to ensure Akiflow runs smoothly for all users.