Release 2.43

Mobile Update📱

✅ Creating a task has never been easier!
🗣️ Enhanced Siri Integration
You can now create a task and plan it in Akiflow in one step by saying "Hey Siri, remind me/create a task to call the doctor today 3pm in Akiflow".
🔗 Easier Task Creation from Links
If you use the "Share with Akiflow" feature or paste a link into the task creation modal, Akiflow will move the link to the links section and add the page name as the task title.
🧠 Improved NLP Inline Recognition
We've improved our NLP inline recognition. Try typing #projectname while creating a task!
📅 Plan Tasks in Time Slots
Plan a task in a time slot directly from the task’s plan modal. Use visible suggestions or search for a slot name.
💜 Other major improvements
🗓️ Started a Major Calendar Refactoring
We're embarking on a massive refactoring of the calendar. Expect significant improvements over the next few months!
📍 Event Location Preferences
You can now pick your favorite tool to open your map links automatically.
Akiflow will ask you which tool to pick when you open a location link, and you can pick "remember my choice" to not be asked again.
On Settings > Events, you can edit your choice if you change your mind:)
📝 Rich Text Toolbar Improvements
The Rich text toolbar in the task/event description has been reviewed.
📧 Event Update Options
Choose whether to send an email to your guests or not when updating an event.
🗂️ Widget Enhancements
Akiflow now hides done tasks and time slots in the widget for a cleaner view.
🔄 Persistent User Preferences
Akiflow now remembers your selection for each project/tag page (done tasks, snooze, someday).