Release 2.34

💜 New Improvements

🏁 Onboarding
  • We have a new website (, new onboarding slides and a new Setup to start using Akiflow. If you want to check this out, hit
    > Learn Akiflow > Repeat Onboarding.
👥 Meet with
  • On event creation, clicking
    or outside of the event popup won't create an event.
🧹 Cleaning
  • Removed the sync settings page
  • Removed the “Any time” option in the task's time dropdown
  • Hide the number of done tasks on the Label and Tags page
✨ Other
  • New web pages to check your billing, referrals, login and so on.
  • Rituals: fix calendar view on opening. It'll always open at the beginning of your work day now.
  • Improved the connection with integrations such as Jira, ClickUp and Asana.