Command Bar




Release 2.41

Spicy Updates! 🌶️

🧙🏼‍♂️ Onboarding Enhancements
  • Introducing a
    new Wizard
    feature to effortlessly guide you through Akiflow's essential functionalities. Look for the blinking blue dot at the bottom right of your screen to discover more!
  • We've added a convenient
    sidebar on the integrations settings
    page, making it easier to set up your integrations and access support whenever you need it.
📌 Pin & Meet With Enhancements
  • Improved column resizing
    : Akiflow now optimizes space by collapsing other columns only when necessary.
  • For better visibility in crowded spaces,
    event titles are hidden
    when columns are collapsed.
  • Hovering over a column
    to view a colleague's calendar now
    expands all days
    for a comprehensive view.
  • Enjoy a smoother experience with animated avatars while loading calendars.
⚡️ Command Bar Improvements
  • Enhanced priority filtering
    in the Command Bar: Typing
    (for example) now filters for high-priority options only.
  • Remember,
    typing the exact label
    (e.g., !Low) will immediately recognize and apply your desired priority, projects or tags.
  • The abbreviation
    is now consistently recognized as Monday
    , eliminating any confusion with the abbreviation for Month in certain scenarios.