I love Akiflow, and I think to get the most out of it, it's helpful to add as much metadata about a task as possible. I'm also aware that there may be work happening on a task analytics feature in the pipeline. That tool would be more valuable when the quality of the data regarding my tasks is more complete.
The problem with this is that adding complete metadata to all your tasks can be time-consuming. Now that we're in the age of AI and Language Models, I think it would be a reasonable dev lift to add a feature to auto-tag or auto-suggest metadata based on the name of the task. Akiflow already does this via NLP for dates, so it would be cool to see it expanded.
Task name: "Pay Rent tomorrow Morning"
I believe a language model would be able to answer most of these:
Priority: Rent = high priority
Tag: What tags does the user have that match rent? Bills?
Project: What project does the user have that matches rent? Home?
Duration: How long does it take to pay rent? How long did the user estimate the last task containing the string "rent"?
Deadline: "Pay Rent tomorrow morning" - Rent can't be late, so the deadline should also be tomorrow.
This is just a quick idea after a few minutes of thinking. I'm sure it would need more elaboration, but I'd love to see this added to Akiflow's features.
Thanks for considering my suggestion!