For me, there's a huge gap between "Someday" and a task that's fully scheduled.
Because there isn't a clear place to put important tasks that can't be scheduled yet, I often find myself either with:
  • overcrowded Today views;
  • pressing tasks I randomly snooze or schedule to appear later, just because I can't finish them today;
  • an Inbox I haven't fully processed because I can't decide quite where/when things go (which leaves important stuff intermixed with things that just haven't been processed); or
  • a huge Someday folder full of too many items that I actually want to work in ASAP.
A Next or Anytime designation and folder would be fantastic for a tight list of ASAP items that just don't belong on any one day yet -- eg., something new that's landed on the desk before I've made room for it, or the list of important things just below the Absolutely Today priority.
Any consideration for a solution to categorizing tasks that don't yet belong on the calendar but are too pressing to risk burying in Someday?